Why Use Wire Mesh In Concrete?


As long as the parking area or driveway isn’t frequently plowed by semi-trucks and other large vehicles and other heavy vehicles, welded wire mesh should perform well. If you’re like many of homeowners, you could be thinking that you could eliminate steel reinforcement completely. There are some circumstances that warrant it, reinforcing a driveway is generally a good expense.

Panels of wire mesh with heavy-gauge welding are:

  • Easy to lay down in the position you want
  • Highly durable, with an impressive Tensile strength
  • Much more affordable than Rebar
  • It is positioned much more quickly than rebar.
  • Preassembled

Contrary to other grids for rebar that are not galvanized, you can depend on the constant dimensions as well as spacing the galvanized mesh. Furthermore, when concrete is being laid the the stainless steel mesh panel remain in place.

In the case of concrete cracks, it’s impossible to prevent them in the fullest extent But the wire mesh reinforcement can help keep the concrete together when cracks do happen. It will also assist in spreading the weight of vehicles on your driveway. The additional strength of steel is crucial in the event that the subgrade you’re using isn’t up to the standard.

How Do You Attach Wire Mesh to Concrete?

In the event that it’s a project for a construction company, or plan to do the work by yourself, you should be aware of the procedure. Discover the essential steps for strengthening the driveway made of concrete below.

  1. In the beginning, you’ll have to put in your forms, that will basically frame your driveway, and help keep your concrete intact prior to it is set.
  2. The next step is to use gravel or other fill materials to level the ground.
  3. After the fill has been compacted to the soil, it’s now time to reinforce the steel.
  4. Set the wire mesh around two inches away from the forms. Use high-quality cutting tools to trim the wire as required. If you are able, buy wire mesh panels cut to the appropriate size, so that you can place it directly over the fill, with only minor adjustments.
  5. After you have the mesh set Once it is in place, lay the concrete on top, flatten the mesh, then level and finally cure it.

High-Quality Wire Mesh for DIY Projects

Since its founding in 1950, TWP Inc. has been a trusted provider of high-quality stainless steel mesh. The women-owned company is proud to provide construction firms, infrastructure companies homeowners, DIYers, and contractors alike. Being an ISO-certified business Our customers can be that they’re receiving top-quality products, services, and assistance.

We offer galvanized and welded stainless steel mesh, which is ideal as concrete reinforcement. Not not only that, but by using the in-house measurement, laser cutting rolling slitting services we can provide the exact dimension you require to build your driveway.

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