Does Concrete Leveling Really Work?

concrete leveling

If you’ve not been aware of the process of leveling concrete then you’re not the only one. A lot of homeowners learn about this phrase when they are searching for ways to repair the uneven, sunken, or cracked slab of concrete.

Since this method of repair might not be something you are familiar with and you might be unsure if it is actually effective. The simple response is yes. In actual fact, concrete leveling, also referred to as slabjacking is a method that has been used successfully to repair concrete from the 1930’s onwards.

If you’re still uncertain you’re still not convinced, it might be beneficial to know more about how this process works.

How Can Concrete Leveling Fix a Damaged Slab?

If you look at a damaged or sunken slab you might think that replacing it is the only choice. It may be too simple. What is the best way to drill tiny holes and then injecting a cement foam or polyurethane slurry solve major slab damages?

To make it easier for you to understand what is causing the damage to your concrete. In the majority of cases slabs crack and sink due to changes in the soil beneath. Poor bearing soils, weak compaction, a rise in moisture, and frost heave can all impact the strength of the soil beneath.

With time, the settlement of soil results in voids or empty areas under the slab. Without this support, the concrete sinks, leading to cracks and degrading. Slabjacking is effective because it creates voids, and helps stabilize the soil beneath. When the material injects, the resultant pressure raises the slab, and brings it back to its normal place.

After the injection holes and cracks are sealed the repair becomes virtually undetectable.

How Long Do Concrete Leveling Repairs Hold Up?

Does a brand new slab last longer than repaired? It’s tempting to think that newer has more value, however you consider the fact that it’s not always true in the case of the repair of concrete damages.

If you choose for a replacement of your slab with a brand new one, the new concrete will be poured directly over the existing soil foundation. If you do not spend the time and cash to excavate, replenish or compact soil these voids won’t be filled with stabilization. This means that the new slab is likely to settle and break just as the previous one.

Repairs made using slabjacking last longer than slab replacements in the majority of instances because they tackle the root cause of the problem. A new slab can provide the desired results for a period of time, however slabjacking is more reliable and long-lasting.

How is Concrete Leveling So Affordable?

Slabjacking usually costs around 50% less than pouring fresh concrete. In the eyes of many home owners, this price may sound too good to be true.

If you consider it, the lower price makes sense. The process of leveling your concrete slab is easier task than replacing slabs. For the replacement of your slab the old one is to be cut out and disposed of. Forms have to be made and concrete has to be transported in, poured and then finished. Slabjacking is much faster typically less than a half-day.

Slabjacking is effective Our years of happy customers will prove. It could be the ideal solution for the concrete that is damaged.

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