Concrete foundations are crucial to construction of new structures. Concrete foundations are essential for building for new buildings. They offer the necessary support. The goal to ensure that the construction such as a structure, building or bridge, can be able to transfer its weight into layers of soil and rock with the appropriate properties to hold it. But what are the various kinds of foundations made from concrete?

Concrete building guides - different types of concrete foundations & usesIMPORTANCE OF GOOD FOUNDATIONS

The foundations constructed are crucial for structural stability and safety. There are various kinds of concrete foundations can be used for different purposes There are a variety of aspects to take into consideration when selecting the best foundation for your task. The best foundations are chosen by determining the soil circumstances and load that requires support. The amount of space available is an important factor to take into consideration, along with the kind of strain the foundation and structure will be subject to (such in vibrations) and whether they can be able to withstand the impact. Foundations of all kinds are classified into two groups (although there are several subcategories, too) that is shallow and deep.



Shallow foundations are usually employed for residential projects such as walls, curbside and steps. These are the foundations where the foundation’s surface support is adequate to the structural load. The types of foundations that fall into this group are footings (e.g. strips foundations to support walls) and foundations with rafts (e.g. for larger areas, such as building structures) or Pad foundations (e.g. to support columns).



The need for deep foundations is when the soils that are on the surface are not sufficient in order to support the construction’s burden. More deep layers should be found for foundations with a greater capacity for carrying loads. A concrete with a high strength can be employed to construct foundations like these. Foundations that fall under this category are piling projects like concrete columns that are made of reinforced concrete, and could require steel. Pile foundations can also be required for walls that require deep trenches to be made. Another kind of foundations that are deep are caissons, which are suitable for structures that are constructed below the level of water like bridges.



When selecting the kind of foundations to be used for a particular project, the correct strength of concrete should also be selected. For foundations with shallow depths that require a mix of lower strength is often recommended for foundations, like C15/Gen 2 concrete to be used for foundations with steps, C20/Gen3 for slab foundations and C25 for foundations. For construction projects more powerful strength concrete is required. For instance, C40 is one of the most frequently used concrete mixes, for areas where traffic is likely to be in the concrete surface. For any other situation, in which the highest degree of support is essential There are several robust mixes like C50, C55 and C60 that are available. Talk to an expert about the kind of mix you require.

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