The Advantages & Disadvantages of a House Built on a Slab Vs. a Crawl Space

Foundations made of crawl space or slabs have similar advantages and disadvantages, therefore the choice you make is based on your own personal preferences. If, however, you are someone who is a bit difficult to climb steps, a slab foundation could be more suitable since crawl spaces increase stairs and height to navigate. The best foundation depends on the location where you reside.

Slab Advantages

Slab-built homes have lower risk of leaking gas or flooding creating a more healthy atmosphere than homes constructed over basements or crawl spaces which are susceptible to leaks of gas, flooding and mold. Slabs are often the best option to do away with the need for additional steps since they are closer to the level of the ground. Seniors or those who have physical limitations are drawn to homes with one level which don’t have lots of steps.

Slab Disadvantages

The shifting of soil, the invasive tree roots and earthquakes create grave problems for houses built on slabs. Cracks in foundations could lead to major, long-term issues that are usually expensive to fix and difficult to fix. The slabs are also susceptible to insect infestations too.

Crawl Space Advantages

Crawl spaces work great in dry climates and are typically cheaper to construct than basements. A well-insulated crawl space constructed of air-tight materials and the proper ventilation in your area provide the most storage area than an slab, but much less than a basement.

Crawl Space Disadvantages

Spaces that aren’t sealed correctly from the elements will draw moisture, mold, and rodents. The crawl spaces that are vented for homes in dry environments tend to have lesser problems than sealed and insulated crawl spaces in humid areas However, they don’t offer impressive energy savings as compared to houses that are constructed with insulated floors on slabs or in the finished basement. If you have to choose the crawl space layout to the design of your California home, opt for one that is sealed, which is resistant to mold and conserves energy.

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