The deck vs. Patio: Which is the Best outdoor space for you?

Deck vs. Patio: Choose the Right Outdoor Space for You


Patios and decks are fantastic options as outdoor spaces. These outdoor spaces offer an ideal setting to relax and entertain families and friends as you enjoy the great outdoors.

It is possible to ask whether the two outdoor living spaces differ. While patios and decks are often used for similar reasons, the main distinction lies in that decks tend to be elevated and patios are level to the floor. There are also distinctions in the materials used, construction and construction costs. Learn more about the main distinctions between a deck and a patio, and decide which is the best choice for your home.

Decks are a great place to enjoy an amazing view, while patios typically offer more privacy.

Your views of your patio or deck depend on the position of your house and the surrounding landscape. Yet, decks usually offer superior perspectives than patios because of their elevated position. On your deck you can see out to your backyard, and also look towards the horizon, which is a particularly appealing option if you’re near the water. With a patio, depending on the area around your property, you may be watching the rear of the neighbor’s home. But, patios that are close to the house and lower than the ground may provide more privacy than decks especially when they are covered by walls or roofs.

Certain decks require building permits and inspections, whereas patios generally do not.

The need for permits as well as inspections is usually necessary in creating decks since they are connected to your home and affect the exterior appearance and structure. It is crucial to get necessary permits prior to beginning the building for your deck. It is also possible to have inspections during the process to make sure that the deck is built according in accordance with the code and meets the specifications of your local municipality. This will create an outdoor area that is secure. If you don’t comply with these guidelines and you don’t, you could end up paying a fine, or ordered to take down your deck entirely. Patios are less complicated to build and typically don’t need permits, or even inspections as they are directly on the ground and do not affect structures of the house. But it’s recommended to consult with your local authorities before creating your patio to make sure that you do not require any permits.

Patios typically cost less to build than decks .

When determining the budget for the construction of a new deck or patio ensure you consider the materials size, dimensions and location of the outdoor living space as these factors can affect the price. A patio can be the most cost-effective choice because of a range of reasons. Patios can be constructed using less expensive materials like stamped concrete and stone, as in contrast to bricks and wood which are used in decks. Patios require less work and maintenance, which could reduce costs. Because patios don’t generally require permit or approval, it are able to help you save money too. To get the most cost-effective solution create your own patio for DIY projects for the weekend.

Decks are built on uneven ground in areas where patios are not suitable.

While building a deck can be more labor intensive and usually requires hiring an expert deck is better suited to land with uneven slopes. Because patios are constructed right on top of the soil, they need an even surface underneath. It is not uncommon for them to require additional preparation, particularly for those who live in steep area. Before you decide to build an outdoor patio or deck it’s best to evaluate the area you’d like to build it and determine the slope of the ground to determine if the land is level or not. This will help in your decision making process.

Decks have weight limitations.

Weight is an important element when it comes to decks that are raised. A deck constructed well should have a an adequate foundation that can be able to support the heavy weight of furniture and guests. There will be some limitations due to the elevated height. This is another reason that it is so crucial to obtain the proper permits and inspections throughout the construction process. Choose what you wish to place on your deck and ensure all items are within the weight limitations. Heavy items such as hot tubs may be more suitable for patios because they are level in relation to ground level and don’t have the same weight limitations as decks.

Patios are simpler to maintain than natural wood decks.

Natural wood decks are gorgeous but they need an extensive amount of maintenance. They usually require to be painted or restrained sealed, sealed, and power-washed at least every few years to preserve the quality that the timber. If you want a similar appearance that has more durability, you can select an wood composite. If you’re in search of an outdoor area that is more easy to maintain and is able to stand up to more wear and tear, patios can be an excellent option to replace decks. Maintenance for patios is much less costly and more time-consuming due to the materials they’re comprised of, such as stone and concrete, don’t require as much care like wood. When you’re choosing the deck or patio the type of material you pick will influence the amount of cost and time you’ll need to invest in maintenance.

Patios have a greater time span as natural decking, but are more susceptible to scratches and stains.

Patios last longer over natural decks made of wood. This is advantageous if you’re seeking a long-term solution that is easy to maintain. But, they could be vulnerable to stains and cracks that need a bit of maintenance. It isn’t as long of a life span from natural wood decks since they’re less durable than patios, but they will last for a long time if they are given good maintenance. Regular maintenance can increase the life of patios and decks.

The deck materials absorb naturally and store the heat.

It’s not a good idea to step on a deck during an extremely hot day and get your feet scorched. This is why you should select the material which naturally absorbs and stores less heat than the aluminum or Ipe and concrete. The deck flooring options make the ground more cool and comfortable for your feet. If you’re looking to stay with the wood style real wood decks generally are cooler than decks made of synthetic wood. But, it all depends on the manufacturer. Be aware that decks with dark colors are extremely hot. Whatever decking material you pick to build your deck with lighter shades will absorption less heat.

Decks offer a higher price of resales than patios.

Decks are a bigger initial investment, but they have a higher return worth than patios. They can boost property value house and make a good feature to sell prospective buyers — especially in warmer areas in which outdoor life is the standard. If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future and you want to maximize the returns on investments (ROI) by constructing your outdoor space creating decks could be an ideal option. Make sure that you have the time to take advantage of your deck prior to putting your home for sale. While they’re less expensive to construct and maintain, patios will have a less resale value. When deciding between a deck. patio, take into consideration whether you are planning to sell your house. This will allow you to balance the cost estimate with the potential return on investment.

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