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All Artisan instruments are designed with the Industry Standard Playing Angle.
Want your own personalized perfect playing angle? Check out our Custom Shop.

What is ANSIR Technology?

bottom-1-technologyUntil now, all basses have been designed on the horizontal plane, but played on the angular plane, which creates an inefficient transfer of energy from the player to the instrument. Find out more about this patented technology...

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Where to Buy Artisan Basses

bottom-2-buyArtisan Bass Works products are built here in the USA and can be purchased from an authorized ABW dealer, or directly from the manufacturer. Contact us by clicking the button below to locate a dealer in your area. ...

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New Video Demos

bottom-3-videoWe're busy creating an expanded video library that will provide you with a wide variety of instrument demos, tone samples and artist videos. We think you'll find these videos helpful in understanding the unique benefits...

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